Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome to the world Abbigale Mackenzie

Well hello everyone. Most of you formally know me as Danielle but now I am MOM. Wow.... can't even believe that someone calls me mom... well she really does not call me mom yet but thats what I am. I would like to introduce all of you to my Beautiful baby girl. He name is Abbigale Mackenzie Kelley. Abbi came in to this world on June 5th,2008. She came in weighing a whopping 8lbs 2 oz and 22 and 3/4 inches long. She came out with a head full of black hair and a scream louder than any one baby I have ever heard. The day after she was born she stopped breathing on us...The wonderful doctors and nurses at the hospital took wonderful care of her and they also took care of me as I was freaking out as a new mother. Just imagine looking down at your baby girl not even 24 hours old and she looks like Mama Smurff. Any way they couldn't explain why she quit breathing but she continued to have her episodes for the next 3 days. She stopped breathing 7 times with in 3 days. They gave her Zantac and called it Reflux and sent us home with an APNEA monitor. It was a blessing and a pain in the ass all at one time! Here is what it looks like on her.

It was great for about 2 months then she was getting so big that when she laid on her side it would set the alarm off saying she was not breathing. After a few scares enough to give me a heart attack I finally just gave up on the monitor and she has been wonderful ever since. She is sleeping so much better with out it. Any way... enough about all that. Abbigale is now 4 months old and she is weighing in at 13lbs 12 oz. She is rolling over and can walk in a walker! I know I know I have a genius baby! :-) Here is what my beautiful baby girl looks like now...Here is my little monster! Hehe

Well how was that for a start? I will be back later to recap the past 4 months for you with some more pictures but for now I must go tame my screaming baby!


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Trish said...

It's great to see your blog and Abbi is just the cutest baby! Give her lots of kisses for Maddie & me!