Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One very restless night!!

Last night was the most RESTLESS night we have had since Abbigale was born. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday for her 4 month check up! She is now 14lbs 8oz and she is 25 inches long! The ear infection she had 2 weeks ago is now GONE! yippie!! And they said she is doing wonderful! Well at their 4 month check up they have to have shots. Not one shot, not two shots,but THREE SHOTS! Abbi took her shot like a big girl and only cried for a second. As soon as I picked her up she was fine, but then she proceeded to YELL at the nurse. It was kind of funny! Any way, after the doctors office I had to run some errands and then take my dad home,whom I had to pick up before Abbi's apt to take him to a doctors apt of his own.I took my dad home and then I went home my self. Note--Abbi has been up since 7 am and it is now 3 and she has not had ONE nap all day.On my way home I wanted to go and get her some new hair bows. I went to the mall so I could go to one of our local baby boutiques. Can you believe that someone would charge 1.25 per TOOTHPASTE hair bow?? I can make the dang things and I can buy the WHOLE roll of ribbon for 99 cents that would make like 10 of those suckers. Needless to say I did NOT buy the hair bows but I did walk around window shopping for a minute pushing Abbi around in her stroller. Now by the time I was leaving the mall it was about 4:45 or 5:00 and she has STILL not had a nap. Well I got home, checked my e-mail, watched some TV, shared with the family how Abbi is doing and what the doctor said, played some games online and just chilled out. Now by this time its 7:45-8:00 and Abbi STILL has not gone to sleep. In a way I was kind of excited cause I thought, MAN IS SHE GONNA SLEEP GOOD TONIGHT! Well about 8:00 Jason and I decided to go to his friends house. We were there till about 12:15. Abbi did manage to take a 15 minute nap. Well note, I have also been up since 7:00 AM and So now I am ready to go to bed! We get home and the moment we walk through the door the screaming starts!!! Not just the normal ,I am tired cry, but the added on pain from her shots and a fever made the screaming 10 times louder. That screaming went on for about 2 hours. At about 2:15 she FINALLY passed out. Jason and I finally got to go to sleep... 5:20 am rolls around and the screaming starts AGAIN! This time followed by some PUKE! I gave her some Tylenol to help reduce her fever and soreness(Had been giving her Tylenol all night) and she passed out again around 6:45. Now she is sleeping soundly and its 12:08 PM. Man I don't look forward to her shots in December if we have to go through this again! So that was my night, How was yours???

Have a great day everyone

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