Monday, October 27, 2008

Is anyone out there???

Is anyone reading this thing?? Let me know by a comment if you like what your reading, and if there is anything you'd like to hear about!!!! I do ramble about pretty much nothing. So if there is anyone that would like to hear something in particular let me know! Hope ya'll have a great night! I'll go ahead and throw in a picture. This is Abbi at 1 month!

Love Danielle

Finger painting!

So, I saw the coolest thing on "Jon and Kate plus 8". She let her kids finger paint with Chocolate pudding. So I let Abbi paint with her left over carrots and bananas! YUMMY! LOL. It was a lot of fun and I think she had fun! Here are a few shots from that!
Here is my Monster covered in Carrots. Notice the name?? HeheHere it is ALL THE WAY to her armpit!and this was the last shot before her bath! :-) We had carrots EVERYWHERE! She grabbed the jar and decided to throw itShe is getting so funny. The other day we laid her down in her play pen on her tummy to play with her toys. Well after about 30 mins of playing she fell asleep... here is how she fell asleep!
Notice the teething ring on her wrist like a bracelet? She did that on her own! Isn't she just too cute?? Here is one last picture!

I hope everyone has a great night!

Love Danielle

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we do when we're bored!

We are lucky Abbi is so laid back! She will let us do pretty much anything to her that we want! Here is what happened after her bath the other night!This is her gown and she wouldn't put her arms through so we tied it on top of her head... isn't she cute?! On Saturday night we did spend the night with "Grammy"-My Mom- here are a few pics from that night
She is almost sitting up all by her self! Oh and the big red spot on her head is toothpaste-That's what I use to put her hair bows in.
Here we are she was just about asleep!
My mom and I did learn how to make Canoles (made with splenda) that night. They were YUMMY!! The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy. On Sunday Abbi,Nana (Jason's Mom) and I went to Abbi's great-grandparents house for lunch! Aunt Karen got Abbi her first Minnie Mouse from Disney World! Thanks Aunt Karen and Uncle Jeff!! Here is a picture of Aunt Karen and Abbi Well thats about all I know for right now. I hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Love Danielle

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One very restless night!!

Last night was the most RESTLESS night we have had since Abbigale was born. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday for her 4 month check up! She is now 14lbs 8oz and she is 25 inches long! The ear infection she had 2 weeks ago is now GONE! yippie!! And they said she is doing wonderful! Well at their 4 month check up they have to have shots. Not one shot, not two shots,but THREE SHOTS! Abbi took her shot like a big girl and only cried for a second. As soon as I picked her up she was fine, but then she proceeded to YELL at the nurse. It was kind of funny! Any way, after the doctors office I had to run some errands and then take my dad home,whom I had to pick up before Abbi's apt to take him to a doctors apt of his own.I took my dad home and then I went home my self. Note--Abbi has been up since 7 am and it is now 3 and she has not had ONE nap all day.On my way home I wanted to go and get her some new hair bows. I went to the mall so I could go to one of our local baby boutiques. Can you believe that someone would charge 1.25 per TOOTHPASTE hair bow?? I can make the dang things and I can buy the WHOLE roll of ribbon for 99 cents that would make like 10 of those suckers. Needless to say I did NOT buy the hair bows but I did walk around window shopping for a minute pushing Abbi around in her stroller. Now by the time I was leaving the mall it was about 4:45 or 5:00 and she has STILL not had a nap. Well I got home, checked my e-mail, watched some TV, shared with the family how Abbi is doing and what the doctor said, played some games online and just chilled out. Now by this time its 7:45-8:00 and Abbi STILL has not gone to sleep. In a way I was kind of excited cause I thought, MAN IS SHE GONNA SLEEP GOOD TONIGHT! Well about 8:00 Jason and I decided to go to his friends house. We were there till about 12:15. Abbi did manage to take a 15 minute nap. Well note, I have also been up since 7:00 AM and So now I am ready to go to bed! We get home and the moment we walk through the door the screaming starts!!! Not just the normal ,I am tired cry, but the added on pain from her shots and a fever made the screaming 10 times louder. That screaming went on for about 2 hours. At about 2:15 she FINALLY passed out. Jason and I finally got to go to sleep... 5:20 am rolls around and the screaming starts AGAIN! This time followed by some PUKE! I gave her some Tylenol to help reduce her fever and soreness(Had been giving her Tylenol all night) and she passed out again around 6:45. Now she is sleeping soundly and its 12:08 PM. Man I don't look forward to her shots in December if we have to go through this again! So that was my night, How was yours???

Have a great day everyone

Monday, October 13, 2008

A child with NO FEAR!

Abbigale is the bravest one baby!! We have 2 VERY large dogs... See...
She can't get enough of those dogs!! It scares me to death, She will grab thier noses,chase them in her walker and they don't seem to mind at all! They bark very LOUD and she just laughs. She loves to watch them and she will talk to them. In my head I can see one of the dogs (who are getting old) getting pissed off and bitting her. But they seem to love her as much as she loves them! I guess I can share some more pictures I have of my little monster!!
Here is a sweet picture of Abbi taking a nap all wrapped up in her quilt
made by someone VERY special! Her great Auntie Babs!!

We did have a play date last week with Abbi's friend Peyton! Peyton is only 2 days older than Abbi so Peyton's mom Kayla and I were in the hospital at the same time! So Jason's mom Wanda (who is best friends with Peytons Grandmother-Brenda) and Abbigale and I went over to visit! Its so neat to see how they progress and what the babies can do together... here are some pics!Abbi is the one on the left and Peyton is on the right. Aren't they cute!!?
Well for right now thats about all I have to say.. I will be back later with some more!
Hope everyone is having a great day!

Love Danielle

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesse

Abbigale and I went to the park today for my baby cousin Jesse's 2nd Birthday party! Its was cloudy out so it wasn't hot and there was a nice breeze... here are few pics from the party!

This is Jesse The Birthday Boy!! LoL look at the face!

Here is Courtney, Tori's Baby.. She is 2 weeks older than Abbigale
Here is The birthday boy blowing out his candles Here is Abbigale YELLING AT ME! LoL she has started early!

We had alot of fun. I was nice to see the family all together and be able to sit around and chat... Other than that today has been pretty uneventful. We did have a little fun last night dressing Abbi up... here is what we did to her!Yea yea yea, So I know its only October but hey I was bored and she was being good so, WHY NOT?? hehe.
Hope everyone has a great day!
Love Danielle

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Date Night

The simple pleasures of life
are wonderful. Jason and I got a baby sitter ("Nana"-His mom) and went out on a Date!! It was so nice to have adult conversation and to not hear a baby crying for 5 whole hours! LoL. He and I went to the local drive in movie theatre. It was actually a whole lot of fun. With cool weather coming in it was really nice out side.They were playing three movies. The first one was a cartoon movie called "IGOR" about a mad scientist and his "Igor" and the second one was "Eagle Eye" which was awesome. It was about some kind of conspiracy. The third one we didn't stay for since it was getting late but it was just so nice to go out just the two of us. We did make it home to find Nana and Abbi still alive and Nana still had all her hair! hehe. Now all is peaceful around the house. Abbi is sound asleep in her crib and Jason and I are sitting around watching tv. Guess I can play some more catch up with pictures and stuff...
this picture is my beautiful baby at 3 and a half months old.! Man they change so fast. I am amazed how much she changes and learns on a daily basis. She went from not smiling and not making noise besides GAS and Crying to babbling all the time and smiling like CRAZY and now she is even starting to laugh out loud!

and these pictures are her FIRST professional pictures! she was exactly 4
months old in these!

Oh and for those of you who don't know what I look like here is the most recent picture of me...Think Abbi looks like me?? Let me know!

Any way I better go to bed now cause feeding time for the little monster comes really early! Hehe
Hope everyone has a great night. I'd love some feedback to know how everyone likes the blog
Good night all!


Lets go back in time a little...

Good morning all!! How is everyone today? We are great here in Alabama. I wanted to share some pictures from the time we were in the hospital.
These are just a few from the hospital. The one in the middle is Jason's first diaper change. Oh yea I guess I've not introduced Jason. Everyone this is my boyfriend Jason or Daddy... Can't tell he loves her can you?? :-)
Things went very smooth in the hospital and we were very glad to come home.. Here is Abbi ready to come home...
She wasn't to happy to be in her car seat for the first time.

but once we got home she was just as comfy as a bug in a rug!!

Now, to get her to lay still is almost impossible! LoL she is very very active! Well for now I guess I rambled about nothing and need to run since my kid is once again bored and yelling at me. Here is one more pic for you guys of my beautiful family!

Have a great day everyone!!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome to the world Abbigale Mackenzie

Well hello everyone. Most of you formally know me as Danielle but now I am MOM. Wow.... can't even believe that someone calls me mom... well she really does not call me mom yet but thats what I am. I would like to introduce all of you to my Beautiful baby girl. He name is Abbigale Mackenzie Kelley. Abbi came in to this world on June 5th,2008. She came in weighing a whopping 8lbs 2 oz and 22 and 3/4 inches long. She came out with a head full of black hair and a scream louder than any one baby I have ever heard. The day after she was born she stopped breathing on us...The wonderful doctors and nurses at the hospital took wonderful care of her and they also took care of me as I was freaking out as a new mother. Just imagine looking down at your baby girl not even 24 hours old and she looks like Mama Smurff. Any way they couldn't explain why she quit breathing but she continued to have her episodes for the next 3 days. She stopped breathing 7 times with in 3 days. They gave her Zantac and called it Reflux and sent us home with an APNEA monitor. It was a blessing and a pain in the ass all at one time! Here is what it looks like on her.

It was great for about 2 months then she was getting so big that when she laid on her side it would set the alarm off saying she was not breathing. After a few scares enough to give me a heart attack I finally just gave up on the monitor and she has been wonderful ever since. She is sleeping so much better with out it. Any way... enough about all that. Abbigale is now 4 months old and she is weighing in at 13lbs 12 oz. She is rolling over and can walk in a walker! I know I know I have a genius baby! :-) Here is what my beautiful baby girl looks like now...Here is my little monster! Hehe

Well how was that for a start? I will be back later to recap the past 4 months for you with some more pictures but for now I must go tame my screaming baby!