Monday, October 13, 2008

A child with NO FEAR!

Abbigale is the bravest one baby!! We have 2 VERY large dogs... See...
She can't get enough of those dogs!! It scares me to death, She will grab thier noses,chase them in her walker and they don't seem to mind at all! They bark very LOUD and she just laughs. She loves to watch them and she will talk to them. In my head I can see one of the dogs (who are getting old) getting pissed off and bitting her. But they seem to love her as much as she loves them! I guess I can share some more pictures I have of my little monster!!
Here is a sweet picture of Abbi taking a nap all wrapped up in her quilt
made by someone VERY special! Her great Auntie Babs!!

We did have a play date last week with Abbi's friend Peyton! Peyton is only 2 days older than Abbi so Peyton's mom Kayla and I were in the hospital at the same time! So Jason's mom Wanda (who is best friends with Peytons Grandmother-Brenda) and Abbigale and I went over to visit! Its so neat to see how they progress and what the babies can do together... here are some pics!Abbi is the one on the left and Peyton is on the right. Aren't they cute!!?
Well for right now thats about all I have to say.. I will be back later with some more!
Hope everyone is having a great day!

Love Danielle

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