Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hair Bows

Well I've gotten in to making hair bows. It gives me something to do and saves a TON of money cause they are expensive at the baby stores. Well I was making the little hospital bows (stays in with tooth paste) because Abbi does not have enough hair to hold a regular bow. A local baby store asked if I would sell them some. I have sold them a total of 100 as of now so thats going good. I decided last night that I wanted to try the big girl hair bows. Here is a Korker Bow that I made.

What do you think? Well I am trying to figure out how I can sell these! Any one have any ideas? Let me know! I need to run now. I will be back later with more pictures.



1 comment:

caitenni said...

Looks good!!!! That's all I can comment on....its 5:15am and I need to try to sleep having a hard time tonight.